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Tasmanian Titles entry form

To enter, you will need to be a club member. 72 hour memberships are available for purchase.
You can fill out an online membership form here.
Please come back to this page after filling out the membership form.

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club is proud to announce that the Tas Titles are on again 11th and 12th of March 2022.

Once again the Bayles family have made available the fabulous trials property Mt Joy for a weekend of great riding. You are being invited to two great days of riding in trials heaven. Rocks, logs, shale, steep slopes abound at this site and a friendly atmosphere from the locals.  

It is a public holiday on Monday  the 13th March, so you can travel home and be ready for work on Tuesday. It is important to book the boat as soon as you can as van spaces can be hard to get, especially on a long weekend. Camping is available onsite.  Check the Spirit of Tasmania website here

You can make a boys weekend out of it and all come across in one van, or if you want to make a holiday out of it and tour Tasmania before or after the trial, we can arrange to store your bike for you. A van or ute is your best option, as you pay for total length as well for any trailer on the Spirit of Tasmania.

The Saturday evening counter meal will be held again this year at the Ringwood Hotel in Cressy, please come along for an evening of great food and company. It is also a good location to rehydrate, debrief the days ride and plan tomorrow’s strategy.

Entries are now open and close on Wednesday the 8th March 2023.  All entries are to be done online, there will be NO ENTRIES accepted on the day.

For any queries call Ian Pickering 041813141

Please advise numbers for the evening meal on your entry form, if you are planning to attend. You will be paying on the night for your counter-meal at the Hotel.

Rear sprockets on all bikes must be either solid with no holes or be affixed with a sprocket cover.

    Date: 11th and 12th March 2023
    Event venue: 612 Mt Joy Rd, Powranna, Tasmania. (Link to Google Maps marker

    Scrutineering: Saturday 08.30 to 09:45
    Rider Briefing: Saturday 10:00
    Trial (Day 1): Saturday 10:30 to 16:00
    Trial (Day 2): Sunday 10:00am to 15:30
    Lunch Break: 12:30 to 13:10
    Saturday Night Meal: TBC 18:00 (book at trial on the day or on this form)
    Trophy Presentations: Sunday 16:00 (at the trial)

    Are you paying for your entry by direct deposit or cash on the day?

    Please pay amount owing to:
    Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club
    BSB: 632001
    Acc: 100107065
    Bank: Bank of Us
    Deposit must include:
    1. Payee: TMTC
    2. Your name
    3. Message: Tasmanian Titles

    Warning: This is an important document which effects your legal rights and obligations. Read this form carefully and do not sign it unless you are satisfied you understand it.


    I, , THE RIDER

    HEREBY AGREE with the persons, organisations and bodies corporate whose names appear in schedule 1 (hereafter called the “ORGANISER”) that I am by this agreement entitled to participate in the motorcycle meeting listed in schedule 2 (hereafter called the “MEETING”) at the venue in schedule3 (hereafter called the “VENUE”) on the terms and conditions set out in this document.

    I ACKNOWLEDGE that motorcycle sport is dangerous and that by engaging in the sport and PARTICIPATING in the meeting I take and am exposed to certain risks and dangers and am under certain obligations as follows:

    a) That I may be injured, physically or mentally and may be killed.
    b) That my machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed.
    c) That other competitors may ride dangerously or with lack of skill.
    d) That track or event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predictability.
    e) That organisers, officials, landowners/track operators and any agents or representatives of those in charge of TMTC Inc race meetings are frequently obliged to make decisions under pressure or time and/ or events.
    f) That any policy of or in respect of my life or physical or mental health may be avoided.
    g) That there may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured.
    h) That I have an obligation to myself and to others to compete safely and within the rules of competition.
    i) That I am not under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
    j) That I am medically fit to participate in these event(s).

    IN CONSIDERATION of acceptance of me as an entrant in the Trials Event I AGREE TO INDEMNIFY the organisers and each of them in the following manners:

    k) That I participate in the meeting at my sole risk and responsibility.
    l) That I accept the venue as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed.
    m)That I indemnify and hold harmless the organisers, landowner(s), the occupier their servants and officials against any actions or claims of liability for any damage loss or injury I/we may suffer arising in any way out of the event(s).

    SCHEDULE ONE: 1) Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club inc 2) Mr Michael Bayles (Landowner) 3) All other persons involved in the organisation, conduct and promotion of the Event or construction or location of the facilities used in connection with or otherwise related to the Event 4) Each of the respective officers, employees, servants, agents, sponsors, successors and assignees of each of the above.

    SCHEDULE TWO: Type of Event: Observed Trials Motorcycle Event

    SCHEDULE THREE: Venue 612 Mt Joy Rd, Powranna Tas Date: 11th and 12th March 2023



    Parent or guardian permission for rider under 18 years of age

    I/We being the parent/legal guardians of the person named in clause one (hereinafter called the “entrant”) hereby acknowledge:
    1) That I/We have read the whole of this document and understand it.
    2) That I/We consent to the entrant participating in the race meeting and
    3) That I/We are aware of the risks, dangers and obligations set out in clause two hereof.
    In consideration of the entrant being accepted as an entrant in the Trials Event I/WE HEREBY INDEMNIFY the organisers/landowners in the same manner and the same effects as if I/WE were the entrant
    Parent/Guardian Signature