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Long Marsh Dam Ride

As we have a long break between now and the next trial why not come along on this recreational ride?

Long Marsh Dam is an old convict site from the 1840’s.
We are going to have a hosted day from Paul Evans property to the Long Marsh Dam site and return.
We will be leaving Zeps Coffee Shop in Campbell Town in convoy at 09:30am Sunday 14 August if you want to come along.
Bring a salad roll and drink for the 4 hour ride, plus some additional fuel. We will have a 4wheeler to carry some fuel.
Paul has a nice warm shed for a BBQ and beer afterwards.
Please call me for details Ian 0418131341.

History of the site…
The Long Marsh Dam and Convict Probation Station is located on the upper Macquarie River, about 13 kilometres south of Lake Leake and north of Tooms Lake.

Long Marsh Dam has quite a history as it was the site where local landowners were going to use convicts as free labour in 1840’s but when it was decreed in 1844 that they had to be paid the landowners refused and the convicts walked off the job and that was the end of the project.

The station area originally consisted of 14 dwellings. Other ruins and features are linked by a network of cleared pathways through the bush. At a distance from the main settlement is the isolated grave of Thomas Collins, a convict worker killed by a falling stone in 1843.

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