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2023 Tasmanian Calendar

All dates and venues subject to change, please keep an eye here, on Facebook or on the electronic calendar for updates.

Please note some events have varied from the normal “third weekend of the month” for various reasons.

    • January 20th – Tasmanian Titles planning meeting, online conference, contact the club for more information
    • February 5th – Section setting, Jericho
    • February 11th – North West Motorcycle Show
    • February 18th – Twinshock Challenge, Jericho
    • February 19th – Round 1, Jericho
    • March 4th-5th – Trials School and section setting for Tasmanian Titles (Saturday higher grades, Sunday lower grades), Mt Joy
    • March 11th – 12th – Tasmanian Titles, Mt Joy
    • April 1st – Gate Trial setting, Mole Creek (Saturday)
    • April 2nd – Gate Trial, Mole Creek
    • April 8th-9th- Two day Easter Trial, Glenmaggie (Vic) – CANCELLED
    • April 9th – Section setting, Dilston
    • April 16th – Round 2 – Dilston
    • May 13th – Section setting, Royal George
    • May 21st – Round 3, Royal George
    • June 11th – 12th – Queens Birthday Two Day, Argyle (Vic)
    • June 17h – Scottish Trial setting, Antill Ponds
    • June 18th – Scottish Trial (TdN fundraiser), Antill Ponds
    • July 9th – Section setting, Melton Mowbray
    • July 16th – Round 4, Melton Mowbray
    • August 6th – Section setting, Upper Natone
    • August 13th – Round 5, Upper Natone
    • September 9th-10th – Trial des Nations – Aurons, France
    • September 10th – Section setting, Mt Joy
    • September 17th – Round 6, Mt Joy
    • September 23rd – 24th – South Australian State Championships, Tungkilo, South Australia
    • September 27th – South Australian Midweek Trials, Mt Pleasant, South Australia
    • September 30th – October 1st – Australian Trials Championships, Eden Valley, South Australia
    • October 8th – Section setting, Oatlands
    • October 15th – Round 7, Oatlands
    • November 12th – Section setting, Melrose
    • November 18th – Twinshock Challenge, Melrose
    • November 19th – Round 8, Melrose
    • December 2nd – Christmas break-up and AGM at Mt Joy (Two day site)

Click here to download a printable version of the 2023 Calendar.

Section setting dates are NOT set in stone and are provided as a guide.  Check with someone from the relevant region to confirm.

Events start at 9.30am, if you’re riding try and get there around 9am so you’ve got time to check in and get your bike scrutineered.

Come and try days are a great opportunity for potential riders to get aboard a bike and see if it’s comfortable before going out and buying their own.

This calendar is also available online, event locations are shown in the event details on Google Map and will work in any browser:
TMTC Online Calendar (opens in a new window)

If you’d prefer to print out a map, check the Maps section here.

You can also copy and paste this link to import this calendar directly into any application that supports the iCal format, such as Outlook or Google Calendar:


TMTC Calendar

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