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Club Champions

The Tasmanian Club Champion is awarded to the highest level rider. This could be an Expert level rider, or if no Experts are eligible, an A Grade rider will be the Champion.

Life Members:

  • Neil Berne
  • Peter Lockhart
  • Peter Bayles
  • Ian and Toni Pickering
Expert (Tasmanian Champion)
A GradeB GradeC+ GradeC GradeTwinshockClubmanJuniorBroken Bars Best CrashClubman Award
1992Mike WellmanNigel FrenchScott WellmanMike Wellman
1993Peter CruseJason FrenchPeter NunnCraig Wall
1994Nigel FrenchM GillespieChris GillespieGordon RobnikLuke Mead
1995Peter CruseDwayne WallD GillespieGordon RobnikThomas Rundle
1996Jason FrenchDennis BrownWayne RigbyGordon RobnikMatthew Brazendale
1997Jason FrenchNeil Berne SnrWayne RigbyGareth CrackGareth Crack
1998Peter LockhartGordon RobnikNeil Berne JnrNeil Berne JrMichael Wynne
1999Peter LockhartDennis BrownBarry BlackwellAnthony JensenJames Blackwell
2000Peter LockhartNeil Berne SnrBarry BlackwellNeil Berne JrJames Blackwell
2001Peter LockhartNeil Berne SnrDean MedwinChris BaylesDaniel Fenton
2002Peter LockhartNeil Berne SnrBarry BlackwellJames BlackwellAnthony JensenAnthony Jowett
2003Peter LockhartGordon RobnikJames BlackwellDean BuckleyMatthew BaylesMatthew Bayles
2004Peter LockhartJames BlackwellDean MedwinMatthew BaylesColin WoodberryCameron Brown
2005James BlackwellChris BaylesNeil Berne SnrAdam WhippsColin WoodberryChloe Medwin
2006James BlackwellMike AmeyNeil Berne SnrKurt PickeringSam McCall
2007Chris BaylesPeter LockhartThomas RundleDean MedwinMatt StevensChloe Medwin
2008Chris BaylesJames BlackwellKurt PickeringNeil Berne SnrDylan BaylesColin WoodberryJacob Mead
2009Chris BaylesPeter LockhartPeter BaylesNeil Berne SnrDamian LangworthyColin WoodberryBradley ShadboltAllan O'Brien
2010Chris BaylesPeter LockhartKurt PickeringNigel MundayJacob MeadDean MedwinBrooke LuscombeDylan BaylesIan and Toni Pickering
2011Chris BaylesPeter LockhartPeter BaylesNeil Berne SnrBrooke LuscombeChloe BaylesMick LuscombeBrett and Rosanne Langworthy
2012Brendan SmithPeter Lockhart/Kurt PickeringPeter BaylesNeil Berne Snr/Mike WellmanBradley ShadboltJordan PerkinsChloe BaylesPeter LockhartFiona Munday
2013Kurt PickeringPeter BaylesBradley ShadboltMike TravicaChloe BaylesIan PickeringTony Demeijer
2014Brendan SmithPeter LockhartBradley ShadboltNigel MundaySteve HarrisKurt PickeringWill FerrallJordan PerkinsDavid Catt
2015Chris BaylesPeter LockhartMike AmeyNigel MundayMike TravicaMick LuscombeWill FerrallBrendan SmithSamuel Lockhart and Ashlee Silk
2016Chris BaylesPeter LockhartJordan PerkinsNigel MundayDaniel ButterworthIan PickeringWill ThornburyMike AmeyMick Luscombe
2017Chris BaylesDylan BaylesMatt WoodhouseTom WoodhouseMike TravicaKurt PickeringJack SalterJenna LupoIan Gabbedy
2018Chris BaylesKurt PickeringMatt WoodhouseWill ThornburyMike TravicaJack SalterJosh StattonKen Hosking
2019Chris BaylesTom WoodhousePeter LockhartNigel MundayMike TravicaMillie LockhartTom WoodhouseKurt Pickering
2020Chris BaylesWill ThornburyZak LunnNigel MundayMike TravicaMick LuscombeStevie HomanPeter LockhartNobby Gabbedy
2021Chris BaylesWill ThornburyZak LunnJack SalterMike TravicaAlex WoodberryBraith LunnCooper LockhartBraith LunnKurt Pickering
2022Chris BaylesWill ThornburyJack SalterIan PickeringDavid CattAlex WoodberryScott PickeringCooper LockhartFred, Matt and Mary Bessell
2023Chris BaylesWill ThornburyJack SalterBryce SquibbMike TravicaColin WoodberryCooper LockhartBryce SquibbChris Bayles