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Become an observer

Observers are very important to the sport of Trials, they watch the rider go through a competitive section and then award them a score.  Without observers, we don’t have a sport.  It is not difficult to learn to be an observer as trials has only a few simple rules.

If you’ve never observed before, it’s probably best to start by assist an observer by punching the score cards.  While you’re doing this, you’ll pick up the rules and how to score.  Ask questions, talk to the observer, you’ll probably pick it up pretty quickly.  A brief run down of the scoring system is available here.

If you have observed before, make yourself known to the officials in the tent, we will make it easy for you to observe.

Observers don’t get paid, but they do get the appreciation of all the riders and a bag of goodies at the end of the day.

On behalf of every rider, if you’re considering getting involved as an observer, thank you.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a hug.

observer hugs


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    Eden Valley SA 5235, Australia
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