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2019 Australian Titles travel options

October is looming on the horizon and it’s a case of ‘never too early’ when it comes to booking travel down to our little state.

Feel free to distribute this flyer far and wide to get the word out:

Australian Titles – Travel Arrangements Final

2019 Australian Titles

As we all know, the 2019 Australian Titles will be returning to Mt Joy in October 2019.  Of course, this costs money, so we’re asking club members and supporters to seek out sponsorship from businesses.

There’s differing levels of sponsorship available and every bit helps, click the link to download the PDF, print it off and seek out some prospective sponsors.  Enquires can be directed to the club via Facebook, emailing newsletter@tastrials.org.au or passing on the details of any committee member.

Sponsorship packages

Christmas Dinner

Everyone loves Christmas, trials and food, combine all three with the TMTC Christmas Dinner at Mt Joy.  It’s on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of December, there’s camping on site and food supplied by Coast to Coast The Golden Roast.  There will be meats, salads, veggies and desserts.  Chris is organising a ride on the Saturday so no one has to get up and ride a bike in a non-optimised state on Sunday and it’ll be a great weekend.

$27.90 for adults, half price kids under 10, little ones under four are free.
Contact Ashlee (photography@tastrials.org.au) if you’re coming and how many you’re bringing along.

2019 Australian Titles Statement

2019 Australian Championships Statement.

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club (TMTC) has become aware that it has been said that the club has pulled out/withdrawn from the running of the 2019 Australian Championships. This is not the case and we are still open to running the Championships in Tasmania in 2019.

When the TMTC made the submission with MA to run the Championships we included a number of conditions in our bid that would have to be met for us to run the event. These conditions were based around minimising the financial risk to our club caused by MA fees.

The MA Trials Commission stated ‘The 2019 Australian Trial Championships will be held in Tasmania, at Mount Joy, with organisers to complete the relevant application to MA in due time’ in the minutes of a teleconference dated the 25 July 2017 but no mention of the conditions we had set were made.

The TMTC at this stage has not received any direct communication from MA in regards to the running of the Titles.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 Championships whether that be in Tasmania or on the Mainland.

Kurt Pickering

Secretary, TMTC.


Statement available as a download here.

Come and Try Day – Southern Edition

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to have a go on one of these awesome machines, now is your chance.  Give Ken a call to book in a spot.

Try out a bike, get bitten by the slow bike bug, have a feed at the BBQ and watch a demo from one of the best riders in the country, what more could you want?

Long Marsh Dam Ride

As we have a long break between now and the next trial why not come along on this recreational ride?

Long Marsh Dam is an old convict site from the 1840’s.
We are going to have a hosted day from Paul Evans property to the Long Marsh Dam site and return.
We will be leaving Zeps Coffee Shop in Campbell Town in convoy at 09:30am Sunday 14 August if you want to come along.
Bring a salad roll and drink for the 4 hour ride, plus some additional fuel. We will have a 4wheeler to carry some fuel.
Paul has a nice warm shed for a BBQ and beer afterwards.
Please call me for details Ian 0418131341.

History of the site…
The Long Marsh Dam and Convict Probation Station is located on the upper Macquarie River, about 13 kilometres south of Lake Leake and north of Tooms Lake.

Long Marsh Dam has quite a history as it was the site where local landowners were going to use convicts as free labour in 1840’s but when it was decreed in 1844 that they had to be paid the landowners refused and the convicts walked off the job and that was the end of the project.

The station area originally consisted of 14 dwellings. Other ruins and features are linked by a network of cleared pathways through the bush. At a distance from the main settlement is the isolated grave of Thomas Collins, a convict worker killed by a falling stone in 1843.

Dilston section setting

Due to this weekend being a long weekend, there’s been a change of plans for section setting.

This will now be done on Saturday the 18th of June, the day prior to the trial.

The Brass Monkey Ride

Once again it’s on, The Brass Monkey Ride at Moina.

This will be on the 2nd and 3rd of July at Tim and Vonette Mead’s shack.  This is for club riders and partners, and anyone interested MUST register with Ian Pickering (0418131341) so food and accommodation can be organised.
You can sleep inside on beds & swags or camp outside, the choice is yours.  We ride Saturday and Sunday, Saturday night is a Christmas in July feast and social drinks.

This event is very popular, don’t miss it!

Carnarvon trial, 15th May 2016

This weekend’s event is at Darlington Park. You can see on the map that it’s fairly straight forward to find. People coming from the north can head through Cressy and follow Macquarie Road towards Campbell Town. People coming from south can turn off at Campbell Town and follow the signs towards Cressy. You’ll see the club sign on the road at the gate. Section setting is Saturday, if you’re keen to camp talk to Chris. The land owner has asked for no dogs to attend, so please respect this, people with dogs will be asked to leave.

Click here for a map

Tasmanian Titles 2016

Dylan Bayles and Ken Hosking created these two promotional posters for the Tasmanian Titles, feel free to share them around to get the spectators interested.

Tas Titles 2016 Flier 1

Tas Titles 2016 Flier 2

TMTC Calendar

  • Kings Birthday Two Day - Argyle, Victoria
    June 9, 2024 - June 10, 2024  
    Argyle VIC 3523, Australia
    See more details

  • Scottish Trial section setting
    June 15, 2024
    -42.217718, 147.409688
    See more details

  • Scottish Trial (TdN fundraiser)
    June 16, 2024
    -42.217718, 147.409688
    See more details

  • Section setting - Melton Mowbray
    July 14, 2024
    -42.432121, 147.272949
    See more details

  • Twinshock Challenge - Melton Mowbray
    July 20, 2024
    -42.432121, 147.272949
    See more details

  • Tasmanian Trials Series Round 4 - Melton Mowbray
    July 21, 2024
    -42.432121, 147.272949
    See more details

  • Section setting - Upper Natone
    August 11, 2024
    -42.432121, 147.272949
    See more details

  • Tasmanian Trials Series Round 5 - Upper Natone
    August 18, 2024
    -42.432121, 147.272949
    See more details