2019 Australian Titles Statement

2019 Australian Championships Statement.

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club (TMTC) has become aware that it has been said that the club has pulled out/withdrawn from the running of the 2019 Australian Championships. This is not the case and we are still open to running the Championships in Tasmania in 2019.

When the TMTC made the submission with MA to run the Championships we included a number of conditions in our bid that would have to be met for us to run the event. These conditions were based around minimising the financial risk to our club caused by MA fees.

The MA Trials Commission stated ‘The 2019 Australian Trial Championships will be held in Tasmania, at Mount Joy, with organisers to complete the relevant application to MA in due time’ in the minutes of a teleconference dated the 25 July 2017 but no mention of the conditions we had set were made.

The TMTC at this stage has not received any direct communication from MA in regards to the running of the Titles.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 Championships whether that be in Tasmania or on the Mainland.

Kurt Pickering

Secretary, TMTC.


Statement available as a download here.